This month’s sales event

We will hold regular sales events of carefully selected Japanese teas from tea growers all over Japan.

Two items for sale this time.

ECOBAI carefully selects green tea (Kamairi) and cold brew hojicha.
Organically grown in Miyazaki Prefecture

Kama-iri Tama Green tea

Kama-iri tea is a type of green tea, the same as sencha and gyokuro.
The biggest difference between Kama-roicha and other green teas is that Kama-roicha is roasted in a kettle instead of steamed to stop oxidation.
This is why it has a unique flavor called kamaka.
This is the oldest method of making tea since tea was first introduced to Japan.
Kama-roasted tea, which requires more time and effort than steamed tea, is gradually becoming less common, and is now only found in Kyushu and some parts of Shikoku.

Package Two types of Kama-iri tea 50g×2
There are two types of tea in one box.

There are two types: one with a bitter taste like traditional roasted tea, and the other with a strong flavor.

The color is a yellowish green (*this image looks yellowish)

How to brew tea

A typical cup of tea, about 150cc

First brew
tea leaves:4g
Hot water temperature:80℃
Extraction time:1minute

Second brew
Hot water temperature:boiling water
Extraction time:1minute

Third brew
Hot water temperature:boiling water
Extraction time:2minute

Cold brew Hoji-cha

Green tea made by the Kama-iri method and roasted with wood. The organic tea has more stems because the stems are more fragrant. By re-roasting the tea just before shipping, the fresh aroma can be enjoyed.
Since the tea is roasted a little stronger, it is suitable for use with water (it is also delicious with hot water).
Add water to the tea leaves and let it steep slowly in the refrigerator overnight. The next morning, you will have a nice and fragrant hojicha.

Package Two types of Hoji-cha 50g×2
There are two types of tea in one box.

Balanced aroma hojicha and hojicha black tea.

If you want to brew it in the refrigerator overnight or you can also make an iced hojicha infusion.

How to brew tea

500cc (if using bottled water as is)
tea leaves:8g
Extraction time:one night

If using a teapot, about 1 glass cup (200cc)

First brew
tea leaves:5g
Hot water temperature:boiling water
Extraction time:3minute

Second brew
Hot water temperature:boiling water
Extraction time:5minute

How to buy

Package Kama-iri tea 50g×2(leaf)
Cold brew Houji-tea 50g×2(leaf)
Price 5,000 yen including shipping